Methylcobaalamin, Pyridoxine & Nicotinamide Injection For Pets (NUROSAFE)

Nurosafe Injection For Pets
Sriwalls Pet Care

We at Sriwalls Healthcare indroduces Nurosafe Injection for pets.

Methylcobalamin, pyridoxine & nicotinamide are very much required for integrity of the nervous system and for normal liver functioning. This Injection also act as a general tonic to animals.

Veterinary Methylcobalamin with Vitamin B6 & Nicotinamide Injection is generally for cattles, horses and dogs.
This injection helps your animal recover from; Chronic fatigue syndromes, Protein carbohydrate, fat metabolism impairment, Muscular dystrophy, Peripheral neuropathy due to improper carbohydrate metabolism and other element.

It improves the cell function helping in immuno potentiating and boosting immunity.
Regenerating R.B.C. by D.N.A. synthesis of all cells

Pack Size: Each unit pack consists of 2 ml vial with disposable syringe.

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